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Istead Rise
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Kidz Club bids us a farewell

It is with great regret that, after 10 years of running Kidz Club at St. Barnabas Church, the time has come, we feel, to collect the last name badges in and close the register one final time.

We would like to extend our thanks to our TEAM to whom we are so grateful for generously working alongside and supporting us in this venture.  They gave up their time, energy and resources every week to ensure the Club’s smooth running.  We thank them for their friendship, loyalty and service – we couldn’t have done it without you.  To our Parent Helpers, a big Thank You, you have been stars too!

Thank You also to the Mums, Dads & family members whom we have enjoyed meeting in between ‘drop offs’ and ‘pick ups’ and for sharing our vision in providing a safe and fun space for their kids to meet up and make friends.  It has been great watching the children grow up, through the stages of the club, into wonderful young people and to see their younger siblings fill their places as the Club progressed.  It is amazing to think that the children who first attended the Club are now approaching their early twenties.  Where does the time go?

When we first started the Club it was challenging at times and, indeed, a learning curve for all involved, especially as we had over 100 attendees on our books, with a minimum of 70 attending regularly!

We have seen the different toy trends come and go also, from the Wii and karaoke to kurling and, who could forget the face painting & loom bands alongside the football, craft activities, Xbox, volleyball, Friends & Heroes DVDs, garden size board games accompanying chat time and prayer as regular favourites.  The Tuck Shop has always been popular, not just with the kids but adults too, who would come in to collect their regular orders, oh, and the children at the end of the evening!!

In 2015, our daughter, Caz, and a team if volunteers (who did a double shift from the KS2 to the KS3) started Kidz Club + to cater for those too old for Kidz Club but still wanting to meet.  Caz recalls the Dads turning up early to join in with the football games! From both these Clubs, we saw children, young people & parents travelling from Meopham, Longfield, Hartley, Gravesend, Higham & Strood, as well as Istead Rise.

Caz, since the closure of Kidz Club+ has gone on to pursue a career in the Church and will be Ordained in September this year. So, as we enter a new chapter in our own lives, my husband Roger, the Clubs founder, and I, look back with fondness at serving our Community on behalf of the church family and look forward to new adventures, ways of serving God and relishing a well-deserved rest on Friday nights!

We have enjoyed every moment of Kidz Club and consider it such a blessing to have been able to contribute in shaping so many young people’s lives for the better.  We will see you around no doubt but our last Kidz Club date will be 3rd July 2020.

We look forward to seeing you there before the close.

God Bless you all.

Pauline Mills

The above article was written before the Coronavirus struck and we had to suspend all activities at the Church.  Alas, there will be no more Kidz Club this summer.  We do hope that you will come and visit us at the church when it re-opens after Lockdown.


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