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Tappy Toes

Baby and Toddler Dance Classes Kent
Hi! I’m Hayley and I am really excited to have brought Tappy Toes Dance and Movement classes to Northwest Kent.
The classes are aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 months up to age 5. We split the classes into 2 age groups called Teeny Toes & Tots Toes.

Our Teeny Toes age group is 6 – 18 months and the Tots Toes are 18 months – 4 years. We use a variety of children’s songs and pop songs to encourage the children to move along with the music, helping to build self confidence, rhythm, musicality, co-ordination and creativity among many other things.

The classes are lightly structured with an introduction dance, followed by a warm up and some easy technical exercises, some songs with actions, different movement skills, an imagination/adventure section and we throw indifferent props here and there before we do our finale. We use the imagination section to delve into tiny minds to unlock their imaginations to see what adventures we can go on together.

Baby and Toddler Dance Classes
I have always loved dancing and I attended ballet, tap & modern classes in my childhood. Dancing was always something I loved to watch on the television & I’d try to copy the routines at home in the front room. During my young adult life, I was often found throwing some shapes on the club dance floors! More recently I enjoy trying to distract my children from their toys by dancing around the house, much to their dismay.

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As I love children and now mine are all at school, I decided that it would be enjoyable and rewarding to dance with children that want to dance and enjoy it! So, what better way than to run some fun-filled dance classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The children are so enthusiastic, full of energy and imagination and have no inhibitions at this age.

Hartley, Fawkham, New Ash Green and Culverstone
I’m really looking forward to meeting and dancing with lots of fantastic little boys and girls. I have classes in New Ash Green on Tuesday mornings, Culverstone on Wednesday mornings, Hartley on Thursday mornings and in Fawkham on Thursday afternoons.

We offer a 3-week trial to start with so you can get a feel for the class and see if your little one is truly enjoying it and if you do then you enrol and book termly. (Classes work out at £6/week) Props are provided or you can purchase your own set to bring along and also to practice with at home.

To book just visit my website here

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Thanks for reading!

Hayley Cristi x

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