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Istead Rise
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Primary School pupils express their appreciation through art

Pupils from Istead Rise Primary School are expressing their appreciation for teachers through artwork!

Rochelle and Tristan, aged ten and five, from Istead Rise wanted to give thanks to their teachers during these difficult times!

They both thought it would be a nice idea to make and put up a banner to say,

“A great big thank you to all our awesome teachers.”

Both pupils feel that their teachers are doing a great job under the circumstances. 

Rochelle & Tristan are encouraging their fellow pupils to sign the banner to also show their appreciation of their teachers at the school. 

Rochelle feels the banner will emphasise the value of school and education, as well as the pupils commitment to the school by signing their thanks for their teachers.

“We don’t want our teachers to go unrecognised during these times”

The banner will create memories amongst the pupils of Istead Rise Primary School. 

“We as pupils really appreciated the school.”

Cllr Dibben also commented:

“I am so extremely proud of how Istead Rise Primary School pupils are showing thanks to their teachers during these most difficult of times and what a creative way to do so, they continue to impress every time.

“It takes a village to raise a child, and the school plays a major role in this.”

The banner is now proudly displayed outside the school for the pupils to sign and write their own thank you’s and comments about their teachers, TA’s and support staff.