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Istead Rise
Saturday, April 17, 2021

Prestigious community youth award won by Istead Rise resident

Harriet Howes won the KCC Try Angle Award for Community Action in Gravesham. Harriet was nominated for her dedication and commitment.

During the first lockdown Harriet played an extremely active role within our community support scheme – ‘Istead Rise Coronavirus Support’.  She went above and beyond in assisting residents throughout this pandemic.  She has helped me – Cllr. Dibben – to keep them updated and to provide crucial help for those who were isolating and unable to get out.  Furthermore, Harriet has played a significant role in creating a sense of identity within the community in numerous ways: writing and publishing articles and photographs for our community website, the creation of our You Tube channel – an innovative method of communicating with residents on a socially distanced basis – and supporting local events and projects, which have been organised to bring the community together. The impact Harriet has made has been truly outstanding. 

The Try Angle Awards, which are in their 26th year, recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements of young people aged between 11-18 years who really try their best wherever – at school, work, college and their contributions within the wider communities across the whole of Kent. 

A couple of weeks ago, an award ceremony was held on Microsoft Teams where the category winners were announced for the Gravesham, Dartford and Swale Districts. Some truly inspirational stories of Kent’s most dedicated young people were heard and a known guest speaker presented the award for the category. 

Harriet said this upon winning, “I feel completely surprised and grateful. I never expected thanks – it was a pleasure to help my community and work alongside Dakota, and hope to continue with this into the future.”

If you are interested and would like information on how to get involved with the fantastic ongoing work in your community please contact myself Cllr Dakota Dibben here.


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