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Pilates is ideal for all ages and fitness abilities. It is easily adaptable to the person.  All my classes are small varying between 8 and 14 people in each class.

All classes are mixed ability, all this means is that I teach 2 or 3 different variations to each exercise to that everyone gets a good workout!

We use different equipment resistance bands, weights, soft balls and chairs to make the exercises more interesting! We also perform some exercises standing as well as laying own.

Pilates helps everyone in lots of different ways – Improves Core Strength and Endurance. 

• Promotes Recovery from Injury 

• Increases Flexibility and Mobility 

• Improves Posture, Balance and Body Awareness 

• Aids Sleep Patterns and Helps Lower Anxiety/Stress 

• Improves Breathing Control, Body Control and Concentration Levels 

All Classes must be booked. 

Please contact Hayley on 07739 765306 / hmfpilates@hotmail.com for more information and prices. 

The classes are on:

Tuesday 9.15 am and 10.20 am at the Community Centre on Istead Rise

Wednesday 9.15 am and 11.30 am at the Memorial Hall on Lewis Road, Istead Rise

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