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Istead Rise
Thursday, September 21, 2023
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  • Darren Kelly Jewellery
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Member’s bar reopens abide strict government guidelines

We welcome you all to the reopening of the member’s bar.

The bar opening hours we are able to provide at the present are as follows:

Monday 2pm until 8pm 

Tuesday 4pm until 8pm (Happy Hour from 6pm until 7pm)

Wednesday 4pm until 8pm

Thursday 12pm until 11pm  

Friday 12pm until 11pm

Saturday 12pm until 11pm (Happy Hour from 7pm until 8pm)

Sunday 12pm until 10.30pm 

Please note: The Community Centre car park will only be accessible during these opening hours due to security measures.

The office hours are still unfortunately also greatly reduced, apologies for any inconvenience but a member of staff will be available between 9am until 12pm on a Monday and Tuesday, and between 9am and 12pm on Saturday.

The contact number to call is 01474 833 903


• Our maximum capacity is 75 persons. Please do not be offended if you are turned away.

• Your membership number must be taken at reception or at the bar. This is a government requirement for the Track & Trace system, records will be destroyed after 21 days.

• We welcome guests (with proof of ID) £1 admission, must be accompanied and signed in by a member.

• The snooker room is now open, bar opening times only, preferably advanced bookings please.

• The games room now has one dart board in use, but you must use your own darts. No pool table at present, as the room is still allocated for extra seating. The fruit machines positioned appropriately in the main bar are now in operation.

  • Tradeglaze
  • Darren Kelly Jewellery
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• Hand sanitiser is available throughout the building.

• We are now accepting cash payments, but contactless is preferred.

• Please adhere to the one metre queuing system.

• Follow the 3 point system at the bar, Order / Pay / Collect. You must move away from the bar after you have been served.

• Preferred seating is outside.

• Please stay seated inside and outside (no standing).

• Please do not bring back glasses. They will be collected by a member of staff wearing PPE.

• Tea and coffee now available, served in takeaway cups only, due to hygiene precautions.

• You may purchase takeaway drinks in a plastic glass, please be responsible and dispose accordingly.

• All our usual draught products are available, to include 4 pint pitchers, with one exception, we only have Whitstable Bay Ale at present.

• There will be limited lavatory capacity. This will be supervised by a member of staff on reception.

• We can play music and the TV shall be in operation, all be it at an ambient low level. 

• Under 18’s are welcome, but in our hall’s and garden only (the kid’s room is still off limits) and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. (please be seated, no standing is permitted). Thank you for your understanding.

• Under the same strict conditions, the hall’s will be utilised if the weather is bad.

• At all times please respect social distancing and wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

We are only allowed to operate under a limited staffing policy at the moment, so with a maximum of 3 members of staff available, we greatly appreciate your patience, thank you.

These temporary measures are under constant review and shall be relaxed when we are advised to do so.

We look forward to seeing you all, take care and stay safe.

Kind Regards

Istead Rise Community Association IRCA

  • Tradeglaze
  • Darren Kelly Jewellery
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  • Darren Kelly Jewellery
  • Tradeglaze
  • Goodbridge Heating Ltd



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