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Istead Rise
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Istead Rise Co-op staff taking on ‘Mountain of Mind Challenge’

The staff of Istead Rise Co-op are taking steps around the Rise for Mental Health Week this coming Sunday

On Sunday 24th May, staff from the Istead Rise Co-op are partaking in the Mountain of Mind Challenge, by walking the amount of steps, 58,070, needed to climb Mount Everest. The colleagues will be walking in every single road around the Rise.

Katie, (the Istead Rise Co-op Manager) feels that mental health affects everyone during their own lifetime, and especially more so during these current difficult circumstances.

“I think that local people completing this challenge will help raise awareness of Mental Health in our community and I am so proud to be raising awareness personally by participating in this team challenge.”

Andronulla (a team member from the co-op), “I am completing the challenge to support my colleagues and to help raise awareness of Mental Health in our community.”

Inside the Co-op, there is a donation station where they are collecting money for Mind UK, a mental health charity that raise awareness for mental health in a variety of settings.

Cllr Dibben, “I am so proud of the Istead Rise Co-op staff for aiming to complete this challenge to raise awareness of mental health in our community. I am encouraging residents to give a friendly wave at the staff along the way during their challenge.”

“This really does link well to the ‘Pedal Power’ challenge, which I am encouraging residents to participate in on Monday, which is also to help raise awareness for mental health!”