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Istead Rise
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Heroes for ‘Heroes’

Yesterday we presented to more of our ‘Unsung Heroes’ within our community.

The first was Janet Sargeant, who is a sister in the intensive care unit at Darenth Valley Hospital. She has worked for the NHS for 40 years. Janet said, “as you can imagine it has been incredibly hard these last few months looking after very sick patients who are mainly on life support”. She also put out an appeal for knitted hearts and the community responded fantastically, so thank you again for that.

Janet was nominated by Danielle, who was touched by her kindness – arranging a video call on the ward with her late Grandmother, so she could say her final goodbye. Danielle felt that Janet made the situation a lot easier on her and her family. Janet said,

“Thank you Dakota for thinking of others and spreading happiness at this awful time, and thank you so much for the lovely surprise this morning”

The second was Annette Schiavi, who has been supporting her neighbours on her road. During lockdown she has arranged a (socially distant) quiz with her neighbours, who are vulnerable and elderly; where her children kindly made cakes to pass onto neighbours, and she also helped co-ordinate the VE Day celebrations in her road of Haven Close. It was also her birthday recently, so this was another way for her to celebrate.

Annette said, “I’m very flattered thank you but don’t think I have done anything more than others”

The third was Linda Gisby, who has been making reusable PPE, such as masks, for people of the community to use. She has also made a cake, with 24 hours notice, for a 92 year old’s birthday on the Rise, since she was celebrating alone. Linda said,

“Thank you all so much for the Unsung Hero rosette and flowers I have just received, so unexpected! They are beautiful but I feel others have done far more than me during this terrible time. Thank you to the Guides, who I understand made the Rosette and a big thank to our amazing florist here in Istead Rise”.

“I am so pleased to live in Istead Rise where care for others counts for so much”

The final two were Chris Troy and Julie Whitmore, who both help to run the welcome club for the elderly every Thursday in the church before lockdown. To make sure they don’t feel forgotten during this time, every week Julie has been creating a quiz for them and Chris has been walk around the Rise delivering the answers and new quizzes. They deliver to 15 residents. Chris said, ‘I did not expect the recognition, and I was totally surprised’ and she thanked all of her neighbours for showing their appreciation, by coming out to applaud her.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I can not forget to thank so many young people of the Rise, who have gone above and beyond for their community by their acts of kindness, for example fundraising for charities, shopping, cup cake baking, rainbow chalking, making birthday cards for elderly and vulnerable residents, simply having a chat to residents passing their front garden’s, and making all the wonderful rosettes for our ‘Unsung Heroes’.

Yours Sincerely

Dakota Dibben