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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Head of School Mathew Currie on the importance of spreading a little kindness

Istead Rise Children Spreading a Little Kindness

With the Covid-19 Lockdown now in its seventh week, we understand that family life can be feeling pressured and stressful at this time. We know that having everyone at home all day, everyday, while trying to juggle homeschooling and working from home, is not an easy task.

With the school’s core values in mind (Independence, Respect, Perseverance and Self-Reflection) we felt that this was an ideal time to put them into practice in the home setting. Taking inspiration from these values, and the acts of kindness within the wider community through all the amazing things that people are doing to support others. The challenge was for the whole of our school community, to show kindness in the home. The purpose is to spread a little kindness to each other at home, through small acts of kindness. These acts of kindness are written down and put in a decorated jar, with the aim of filling the Kindness Jar.

Our children, families and staff have fully embraced this challenge, and have shared with us some of their inspiring achievements of kindness. These have included: making breakfast for brothers or sisters, making a cake for a pet, sending virtual hugs, delivering plants to elderly neighbours and making a birthday card for Captain Tom Moore.

We are so proud of all the families who have taken part in this challenge and hope that as well as making others smile, it has made them feel good too.

Kind Regards
Mathew Currie