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Istead Rise
Thursday, September 24, 2020

‘Haven Close’ keep spirits high with Bank Holiday quiz

Neighbours in Haven Close pulled together to raise spirits through an old fashioned general knowledge quiz. 

Photography courtesy of Hannah Pearson

The quiz comprised of seven rounds, such as History, Food & Drink and a picture round which included, the naming of flags and bridges. 9 houses participated and around 30 residents took part. They were all very enthusiastic about all the rounds, the most interesting and difficult question relating to Istead Rise was, “what is the amphibian associated with Istead Rise?” (The answer is frog).

It’s a nice activity to share with our neighbours, following on from the very successful VE Day celebrations that they had in the road. A lot of the residents have grown up, lived in the close for a long time and it has given residents that live alone, an opportunity to regularly socialise and interact with neighbours, that they might not necessarily have done so before.

A huge thank you to Annette Schiavi, who organsised the day and baked some delicious cakes for residents, Annette commented

“After VE Day it was lovely socialising with neighbours from a distance, and as another bank holiday came along it seemed a great way to keep the sense of community. During lockdown there has been so many negatives, so it’s nice to do something fun and light hearted”.

The results of the quiz were very close; in first place was the ‘Haven Heroes’ with 72 points, second place was the ‘Quizzie Rascals’ with 67 points and third palace was the ‘Dog Walkers’ with 62 points. The winners were delighted, Sarah said

“we really enjoyed the quiz, it was a lovely idea by the Haven Close residents to get together and winning was a bonus, especially the bubbly and chocolates”.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon so much, we looking forward to hosting the next one! Sharon and Mark who in last place won the lemons, Sharon said

“the lemons will be handy for our gin and tonic, the day was just brilliant, the street pulled together”.