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Istead Rise
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Community Warden Angela Jarrett shares her thoughts

Hello Istead Rise residents and welcome to IRCAtoday.com. I would like to thank Mark Fraser for asking me to add and share my thoughts during this difficult time.

As a Warden for this area I have seen and received a great response from residents of all ages coming forward and offering their services to help neighbours and vulnerable people that are having to remain indoors for their own safety, by getting them shopping and medical supplies, as with I, and therefore would like to thank and applaud them for their dedication and ongoing support. The feedback I continue to get from those that are receiving the help has been very positive and they too wish to express their gratitude and appreciation and are very pleased to be living in such a wonderful community, with such kind people that are willing to give their time and support to help others regardless. This community should be proud of themselves in their acts of kindness to support others that are currently living in isolation and experiencing loneliness because of this pandemic.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to St Barnabas Church leaders for ensuring people are staying connected with each other, Councillor Dakota for his support, the local shops and the chemist that have been run off their feet to ensure medical supplies are available and delivered, well done. And not forgetting all the staff at the Co-op for their dedication in keeping the store open and stocked to the best of their ability so they can provide as much essentials for this community, again well done. I just want to say that the Co-op have a food-bank box by the entrance that has so far been filled a few times by the generosity of the people and this is dedicated for local residents that are in need of additional supplies to keep them going and therefore it would be much appreciated if the donations could still continue to help this good cause during this difficult period. Those that have already received parcels want to say ‘thank you’.

You may have noticed that my presence has been a bit more frequent to the area, this is to ensure that vulnerable people’s welfare and safety needs are met. If someone does comes across any concerns for a person wellbeing then please do not hesitate to contact me on 07773 396 840, or email me here. On that note, I thank you all and hope you stay well and safe.

Kind Regards
Angela Jarrett