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Istead Rise
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cllr Dibben proudly presents our ‘Unsung Heroes’ appreciation initiative

Councillor Dibben proudly presents the first recipients of our ‘Unsung Heroes’ appreciation initiative.

During these most unprecedented of times, we have witnessed many kind acts around the country, none more so than Colonel Tom and his amazing fundraising walk for the NHS, a national hero. 

Here are a few of our very own ‘heroes’ from the rise who have gone above and beyond to help others during lockdown.

The first was Elaine Ritchie. Elaine is a nurse at Darenth Valley Hospital. She has been working tirelessly to care for those in need at this difficult time. Elaine works with cancer patients to support them with their treatment, an even greater emotional support has been very much needed as well. She said, “It has been a privilege to be with patients at such a difficult time. As the hospital is in lockdown, families cannot visit their loved ones. I can’t begin to imagine how that must feel, so it’s been more important than ever we have been able to be there”.

Elaine says,

“Thank you so much to everyone”

The second was Lisa Bouchard, who has been supporting the vulnerable and elderly residents in our community. Lisa has helped a lot of residents with shopping and prescription pick ups. Lisa was featured on ITV News Meridian on ‘in it together’, a special report showcasing the extraordinary acts of kindness here in our area and on BBC Radio Kent’s ‘make a difference programme’, talking about our support scheme here in Istead Rise.

Lisa said, “Thank you so much, so unnecessary but so grateful”.

The third was Sally Green, Sally works full-time and has been using the majority of her free time supporting the vulnerable and elderly residents in our community. 

Sally said, ‘Bless you for my beautiful flowers and rosette, this is so sweet, I am truly humbled”.

The fourth was Christine Hogg, who has been hugely supportive towards residents within our community. Christine has also helped a great deal with shopping and prescription pick ups.

Christine commented,

“Thank you very much for the flowers and rosette today. It was really appreciated, I was so overwhelmed, it was so unexpected. Thank you once again. It was a wonderful surprise”

And our fifth and final ‘hero’ for this week was Joanna Cumner, who’s neighbourly support for the vulnerable and elderly residents in her road has not gone unrecognised.

And a very special thank you goes out to all the young residents who made the fantastic rosettes, also the card supplied by Alison and Ian Blythe from their print shop Colour Factory Ltd, and the beautiful flowers provided by our local florist, Donna and Patrick, Forever Daizy’s.

All the recipients were over-joyed to receive the appreciation from neighbours and the kind gesture made to them from the Istead Rise community. We think you’ll all agree they are  most deserving.

We will be showcasing more of our ‘Istead Rise Unsung Heroes’ next weekend. Take care everyone.