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Istead Rise
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cllr Dibben launches new live Q&A video surgery

Dear Residents

I am delighted to introduce our new live communication tool.

The surgery is hosted by my myself and Harriet Howes on a Monday evening at 7.30pm via the online video platform Zoom. As we very much hope to make this a regular Q&A feature, it will understandably depend upon the levels of engagement we receive. So I’m encouraging residents of all ages to email me at dakota.dibben@gravesham.gov.uk with any relevant, topical questions you have regarding our community and I shall endeavour to discuss and answer them during each live surgery, or simply once logged in raise a question on the night.

After each surgery I shall be publishing a follow up to include those questions I have not been able to answer directly on the night and for residents to view and read here at ircatoday.com

That just leaves me to say thank you so much for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely 

Cllr Dakota Dibben

Some of the topics discussed in this order and the video from Monday evening 22.6.2020

What can be done about speeding? (Quad bikes over the speed limit)

Where have you gotten with my enquiry about the rubbish being dumped in the garages between Castlefields and Lyndhurst way? 

Can anything be done about the overgrown bushes at the bottom of Flowerhill Way? 

Why is the bad parking around the Rise not policed? 

What is being done for those parents that have paid for the school bus passes, but obviously haven’t received the service they paid for? And how do the council propose those children get to school until the end of term, if the school bus service is not being provided? 

What is being done regarding Fly tipping, since it has gotten worse since the council introduced charges for the tip? 

What can be done regarding the drug gas canisters and rubbish around the doctors and community centre? 

Some residents around Northumberland / Brookside has voiced concerns about the placement of a skip (half on pavement and half in road), it is also not lit and with minimal street lighting on the corner of Northumberland / Brookside this could be an accident waiting to happen. This skip has been here on and off for about three weeks now.

What is happening re the building plan around Gravesham following the consultation specifically close to Istead Rise?

With high street shops at risk and closures meaning no rates how big a risk is this to the Gravesham finances?

When will the community centre be opening?

Given the amount of fly tipping would it be cheaper to open the recycling centre to Van’s?

How much is the council spending on collecting fly tips and how much is the council collecting from charging people at the recycling centre?