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Istead Rise
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Ceroc Istead Rise

My name is Kara and I have been teaching Ceroc for 12 years. Prior to this I was a professional dancer. At Ceroc Istead Rise we have a fabulous crew, an amazing DJ and extremely friendly dancers. You do not have to have had any previous dance experience as we will guide you through your Ceroc journey. Ceroc is a social dance, you do not need a dance partner.

Learning to dance with Ceroc is the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the country. We teach dance in its general form providing you with all the skills necessary to start you off on your dance journey. We borrow moves and techniques from a wide variety of dance forms such as Ballroom, Latin American, Salsa, Blues, the list goes on. Our success has been making learning to dance fun and easy.

We are at Istead Rise Community Centre every Thursday from 7:45pm until 11pm. Beginners class starts at 8pm. 

We also hold freestyle events on a Saturday evening.

If you are interested in learning to dance with Ceroc Istead Rise, please call the office on 0208 466 5030 or my mobile 07786 584 143.

Please visit our website www.ceroc.com or follow Facebook Ceroc Istead Rise.

The prices are £20 for life membership and £10 on entry per evening. 

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