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Istead Rise
Saturday, May 25, 2024
  • Darren Kelly Jewellery
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  • Darren Kelly Jewellery
  • Tradeglaze
  • Goodbridge Heating Ltd

Local Amenities

Kiddiecare Kindergarten

Kiddiecare offers a structured/free flow routine. Our children learn through structured lessons with a balance of free choice play. We strive to offer the...

White Finch Bakery

White Finch Bakery -  A Family Affair Nestling within the grounds of Meopham's Broomfield Farm, you will find the White Finch Bakery.  And if you’re...

Co-op Grocery Store & Post Office

For over 20 years, Istead Rise Co-op has continued the tradition of food shops central to our community. As the only supermarket, we realise...

Istead Rise Butchers

Istead Rise Butchers has been serving the local and wider community since 1955. It was originally owned by the Boyson family for many years...

Springhead Nurseries

Springhead Nurseries has been a family run business for over four generations. The nurseries are today owned by Mrs Elliot and her son Neil. Established...

Istead Rise Primary School

During the period from 1900 to 1939 large commercial nurseries and a large orchard were created in Istead Rise. Most of this early development took...

Istead Rise Pharmacy

Raj Badiani gives us an insight into the origins of Istead Rise Pharmacy and more.. Good Friday 1978 was when we came over to...

Young Risers Pre-School

Young Risers is managed by Coral Bain with a team of 8 other staff. Coral is the manager, Senco and DSL lead and has...

Forever Daizy’s Florist

Forever Daizy's is your local friendly, family run florist in Istead Rise. The florist was established in 2008 and is growing stronger year by year....
  • Tradeglaze
  • Goodbridge Heating Ltd
  • Darren Kelly Jewellery



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